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New service – Website Health Checks

Here at Angel, we get loads of enquiries every day from people wondering whether their website can rank better in Google’s results.  So to help, we’ve launched a brand new service – an affordable website health check, carried out personally by one of our SEO experts.  The check covers a huge range of issues on your website and provides clear guidance on how you can fix any problems to get better results. (more…)

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SEO HelpWe have a whole host of guides over at, why not check them out.

Some of the areas covered include:

The Angel SEO meets Distilled videos are here…

We are really pleased to announce that the full hour long video series of Angel SEO meets Distilled is here.

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New website launch: Nottingham Tutorial College

Angel SEO is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website for Nottingham Tutorial College. After great design work from Fifteen Design, we were commissioned to build the website in a SEO friendly way.

We will now embark on a strategic SEO campaign to rank them for their top term “private tuition Nottingham”.

ntc website

To find out how we could help push your website up the Google rankings, contact the SEO Nottingham experts today – click here.

New Customer Testimonial: Akito Floral Design

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing work that you have done on re-designing my website. From Logo to layout it looks great! Already in a much better position on Google after only 1 week!

AkitoYou have delivered everything you said you would and more the site looks Brilliant and… all completed in such a short space of time! It has been great to work with you, your delivery has been both friendly and professional.

I really would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wishing to improve the ‘look’ and status of their website.

Again many, many thanks!

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Benefits of CSS design for SEO, accessibility and managebility

With the ever advancing Internet, CSS has become a key part of modern day web design. CSS design improves a websites accessibility, SEO potential and manageability.

Before the arrival of CSS website were built and designed in tables – this is now old practice and many website owners don’t know this, but we feel they should be made aware of this fact because it could be harming their site in terms of SEO, accessibility and the user experience.  If the user has a bad experience on your site (i.e. slow loading pages) they are unlikely to purchase from you, so an old designed website could be affecting your sales.

If you want to know more about the benefits of CSS web design read – Benefits of CSS/HTML design – tips to improve SEO, accessibility and manageability.

The big social fight – Google Me v Facebook

With the imminent launch of Google Me, a new social network from the search engine giant. The social network fight has never been greater, is Google Me really going to be able to take on social networking king Facebook?

The first major object in Google Me’ way is the fact that do people even need a new social network?, everyone seems pretty happy with Facebook, Twitter and crew at the moment. Even with Facebooks recent privacy issues and the Twitter hacking episode.

Since it first began in Zuckerberg’s university digs, Facebook has gone from strength to strength increasing users on a daily based, this year passing the 500 million active users mark. An amazing achievement for something that started so small.

Earlier this year Google confirmed rampant rumours that they were indeed going to have their own social networking feature, apply named Google Me.

Social search has enabled search engines, Google included to get a better idea of what the user wants, what they look at, etc. The Facebook “like” function has helped massively here. We are now starting to see social search elements being included in search engine algorthytms, in turn meaning the user gets a better experience, which at the end of the day is what Google is all about.

Google moving into the social networking market could be seen as a good move for the user, after all Google is all about the user. Who knows us users may get a better experience from Google Me than we do currently from Facebook, but really are we open to even changing networks to get that better experience?

So Google Me is coming whether we like it or not, whether we’ll use it or not. Can it succeed where MySpace failed? Time will tell if it can take on the social networking giant. Let us know your views; will you be tempted to change social networking sites? Or are you Facebook forever?

XML Video sitemaps help your websites SEO

So, you have great video content on your website but they aren’t ranking well on Google. To get the best out of your videos, you need to tell people they exist – you can do this by creating an XML video sitemap, which gives Google all the information it needs to rank your video content better.

Want to know more about creating your own XML video site map? Visit the article – creating an XML video sitemap – is a great place to start.

Fighting back against SEO crime…

Angel SEO LogoAngel SEO is aiming to restore faith back into our industry. We don’t want to be the next hated industry, with a bad image and reputation to match. The good guys are fighting back.

You may be wondering why? We are passionate about SEO and helping you and fellow business owners/managers. We want your website to be flying high in search engine rankings. We achieve our results by white hat SEO, creating search engine friendly sites and matching the website with the right keywords and terms.

Having heard some shocking stats from clients, we feel the need to address some point with facts.  We don’t have enough fingers and toes between us to add up the amount of times we’ve received phone calls and potential client have told us they have been promised the world and got nothing. It’s these sorts of experiences that are gaining our industry a bad image.

Read more about our finds and beliefs here, or contact the SEO Nottingham experts and find out how we can help.

Website Launch: Clawson Lodge

Angel SEO is happy to announce the launch of Clawson Lodge (

Clawson Lodge

Also a massive thanks has to go to graphic design Nottingham specialists Fifteen Design for their great design work on this project. If you would like to speak with the SEO Nottingham experts at Angel SEO, please visit

Client News: Your IT

Angel SEO recently worked along side a leading design company to produce a bespoke SEO friendly website for Your IT Department, a local company based in Nottingham.

your it

During this project we built a bespoke website that has been designed to be search engine friendly from day one. The website is expected to increase in website traffic over time due to its design, navigation, structure, AI and internal linking structure.

Their new website replaces a website that didn’t represent the company in a good light. Their previous site didn’t match the companies brand or services. Their new site is totally the opposite the company brand shines throughout the site, with pages highlighting services and their focus. The site has also been designed to appeal to search engines and be easy for users to navigate around.

Your IT’s bespoke website and blog were developed and launched by Angel SEO in just one week.

Go check out Your IT’s new site,

Having problems with your website page load time?

Is your website loading to slow, losing visitors before your site has even finished loading, read this post to see how you can change that.

When Google’s latest search engine template launched (caffeine) it soon become very clear that page load times where going to be used as part of how it ranks websites. Google as always thinking about the users experience and wanting to deliver excellent quality content, easy navigation, images that reflect content and now, page load time. Industry experts have expected something of this kind after Matt Cutts (Senior engineer at Google) explained that “fast load times may have a positive effect on rankings” at a recent seminar in the states.

Some reasons why your web pages are loading slowly:

  • You are using a slow host server – upgrade or move host servers.
  • You are using slow redirects – try and avoid this.
  • You have large images on your site – consider changing image sizes and/or image.
  • Your pages are excessively long – try to avoid this where ever possible.
  • You have an unnecessary amount of cookies

For more reasons why your page could be loading slowly, read Angel SEO’s article – How can I improve my site’s speed for Google.

If you would like some no obligation advice about your website loading times contact SEO Nottingham specialists Angel SEO.

WordPress v pure HTML/CSS websites – which is better for SEO?

wordpressThere is an interesting buzz around the SEO world at the moment regarding the WordPress v HTML/CSS websites – which is better for SEO?

Dave Cain, MD of Angel SEO recently conducted a study into WordPress v HTML/CSS websites. Read Dave’s findings here.

Using WordPress and its templates format is no doubt the easier and cheaper option for building a your own website. You only have small step up costs, buying a domain name and hosting etc. Whereas a bespoke website, totally custom built for your business is more costly, but as Angel SEO’s research shows in the long term it is more time effective and SEO friendly. As Angel SEO’s research shows bespoke websites built using HTML/CSS remain in search engine rankings like Google, where as WordPress maintained sites start dropping after just a few days. This is because Google treats them like a blog, and therefore expects them to be updated on a regular, if not daily basis.

SEO Expert Rand Fishkin supports Angel SEO’s finding by stating that unless you “strip it down and rebuild it from the ground up, do lots of great design things”. Therefore creating a bespoke site, hosted on its own domain, with no links back to WordPress they aren’t successful in the long term. Again, fighting the corner for bespoke built websites that are lovingly crafted and created to be search engine friendly.

The message to all businesses and organisations that want to be successful online and rank on the first page of Google, is to get a bespoke SEO friendly HTML/CSS website built for your business.

If you would like a bespoke SEO friendly website, contact the SEO Nottingham experts for a consultation today.

New client website launch: Ravenshead Law

Ravenshead Law approached Angel SEO for some professional advice about  their existing website.  The client was unsatisfied with their current website design & performance. We were only too happy to offer our expert opinion, and were quick to respond to completely overhaul the design and structure.

solicitors nottingham

We worked closely with the client to identify key goals and objectives that were critical to business and user success criteria. We began by creating a neutral, yet professional look and feel that communicated a message of trust and warmth to the target audience.

We then proceeded to create SEO friendly pages and an information flow that appealed to the user. We wanted to inform the user as much as possible but were also keen to present a choice for the amount of information available.  With this in mind we designed the ‘services’ section architecture to display a short summary of each service on offer.   The user can choose to click through to more information about each service. SEO played a major role here – as we know from our SEO experience that Google and search engines love well written individual targeted pages.

The client was really pleased with the new website and is happy the site is designed around SEO, user  and business goals. We are now embarking on a small SEO campaign to target many different terms relating to “Solicitors Nottingham“.

Read more how we helped Ravenshead Law.

To find out how we can help you improve your web presence and SEO campaign contact the SEO Nottingham experts at Angel SEO.

New client website launch: PosiSure

We recently delivered a great website for PosiSure. The client first approached Angel SEO to help improve their existing web presence.  The existing PosiSure website failed to attract users and traffic and we were sure this was due to the site not conveying the right message of quality and professionalism.


Our mission was to completely re-design the entire website, including online brand & identity, look, feel and site architecture.

After working closely with PosiSure, we successfully captured the perfect identity to increase online brand awareness and loyalty. The new design is sleek, contemporary and appeals to the target market. All pages are SEO friendly and have been developed as an ideal building block to start a successful SEO campaign.

At Angel SEO we always strive to improve the user experience and SEO of a website as they often bring inherent benefits to the success of a website.

Needless to say the client was impressed with the final product and the turn around from concept to delivery.

Read more about how we helped Posisure.

To find out how we can help you improve your web presence and SEO campaign contact the SEO Nottingham experts at Angel SEO.

BREAKING NEWS – Dave Cain meets Will Critchlow

MD of Angel SEO Dave Cain has yet another big scoop. This week he met up with the one of the Founders and Chief Strategist of Distilled Will Critchlow.

Videos to be launched shortly…

Also have you seen the FREE SEO knowledge base?

Angel SEO search phrase recognised by Google Suggest Feature

We are pleased to see that the Google Suggest feature recommends Angel SEO from simply typing ‘angel se’ into Google Web Search.

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Nottingham services

The ‘Google Suggest’ feature returns searched phrases based on previous and frequent Google user search activities.

Try it out yourself! See if Google identifies your business or Grandmas skateboard video on youtube :).

Go to Google Web Search homepage, type in the first few letters or words of your search query to see what Google suggests. You can see from our example that Angel SEO is placed 6th from the letters ‘angel se’.

As you can see we rank near to the popular American TV series ‘Angel’. We think Angel and his vampires are thinking of moving to Nottingham, and will no doubt visit us for some SEO Nottingham advice! Garlic necklace anyone?

Angel SEO meets SEOmoz – the video…

Dave Cain (Angel SEO) gets the chance to grill Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz) about SEO including some fun SEO questions at the end.

To view the different chapters click here…

86% of small and medium businesses in Nottingham cannot be found easily in the search engines…

A recent report by Hallam Consulting in Nottingham has revealed that a staggering 86% of small and medium businesses in Nottingham cannot be found easily in the search engines.  The report, compiled by Hallam’s Director Susan Hallam, assigned a a ‘findability score’ to each website.  The majority of businesses scored 70% or less.  Of the top ten businesses, only three achieved a score of 90% or higher.

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Nottingham services

These results could indicate that companies in Nottingham are still not fully appreciating the value of search engine optimisation (SEO), or harnessing its potential.  The other possibility is that they (or companies they have hired) are engaged in SEO activities, but these are proving ineffective.

It is evident from searching in Google that many Nottingham businesses rely on pay per click advertising.  This refers to the ads that appear at the top of Google under ‘sponsored links’.  Pay per click can bring good short term results but works out costly in the long run because your results are tied to (and limited by) your budget.  Achieving good rankings organically (i.e. in the regular listings) is a better long term strategy because the cost of the search engine optimisation work is regular and fixed but the results are unlimited.  A further limitation on pay per click is that only 10% of people trust and use those links – 90% click on organic results, and 99% of those users only select a result from page one.

If you are wondering how you can use SEO to generate new leads and sales for your Nottingham business, why not start here – Angel SEO provides Nottingham businesses with a free website SEO health check (  Just get in touch to receive your report without any obligation.  Your report will contain practical advice and suggestions on what action you can take to improve your presence in the search engines.

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